Emily Kim


Emily is currently serving as a research associate for Assessment, Education & Research Experts. In addition to AERE, Emily is a research assistant for the Identity Management Lab at the University of Maryland, which focuses on diversity, diverse identities, and discrimination in various situations. At the moment, she is working on a project concerning gender conformity and instructor presentation. Also, Emily works with students as a Peer Mentor for the Honors College at the University of Maryland, where she is responsible for guiding and mentoring incoming freshmen into the Honors program.

Before joining AERE, Emily held an internship at Liberty Mutual Insurance in their Boston headquarters where she first gained experience in Human Resources. In addition to gaining communication and presentation skills in a corporate environment, Emily was responsible for analyzing survey data to identify trends, editing job reviews and performance management documents and auditing employee development plans to detect areas of opportunity and propose solutions to the development process. Furthermore, Emily held a position as a research assistant in her University’s Neurocognitive Development Lab conducting psychology studies with adults and children, while also becoming familiar with EEG and fMRI safety and technology. And to combine many of her interests, Emily had also served as an editor for Spoon University, an online food publication blog, where she worked as a copywriter and advisor for multiple columnists.

Emily is currently attending the University of Maryland, College Park and plans to graduate in May of 2017. She is pursuing a double major in Psychology and Business Management to best prepare herself for a future in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

– Emily – Senior Research Associate