Educational Services

Instructional Design (ISD)/Curriculum Development Services

AERE develops courseware using various instructional design modules such as the ADDIE model or our in-house instructional design model called Flash3 which is aligned with many of the tenets of the ADDIE and adult education models.

Educational Technology Development

AERE provides consulting and advisory services to organizations who are seeking an online delivery platform for their educational content. In some cases, we partner with trusted organizations who provide customized educational technological solutions.

Body of Knowledge Development

AERE provides services to help organizations develop educational content that may be non-courseware but the body of knowledge for a specific profession.

Standards Development

AERE helps Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) develop ISO/ANSI standards for any industry.

Workshop Trainings

AERE provides workshops on various topics such as survey research, psychometrics, test development, educational theory and instructional design. Given President Manny Straehle’ s education and experience with clinical psychology, particularly post graduate training in group therapy, he personally offers leadership and group facilitation coaching sessions to organizations.