Dasha Bukreyeva


As Assistant Manager of Research at AERE, Dasha’s role is primarily to assemble, analyze, and communicate information – whether it be drafting and editing client reports, interviewing subject matter experts, or reporting on industry trends. Combining her understanding of technical material with her proficiency in identifying others’ needs, Dasha excels at translating data into something more meaningful.

Dasha’s career in people research began in 2013 with an internship at the Behavioral Laboratory at University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, where she conducted a study on impacts to goal attainment. That year she also began supporting Manny as a Program Associate with International Credentialing Associates, gaining expertise in the development of unbiased communication in surveys and test items. Along the way, she moved to Utah for a year to work as a counselor for Second Nature, a NATSAP-certified adolescent wilderness therapy program with industry-leading clinical practice and assessment of treatment outcomes.

In addition, Dasha has accumulated experience in SME and employee recruitment, marketing content creation, and team management. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 2014 with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and marketing, having spent two years on the Psi Chi Honor Society executive board and working as a student supervisor at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

– Dasha Bukreyeva – Assistant Manager of Research