Assessment Services

Test Development

AERE provides consulting services for every step in the test design and development lifecycle process, including but not limited to job analysis, test specifications/blueprint/content outline, item writing including alternative item types/innovative item types, item editing, item review, and test design and assembly.

Psychometric Services

AERE provides psychometric services which includes item analysis using both classical and item response theory (IRT) models, equating, scaling, differential item functioning (DIF), fit analyses, reliability analyses, and standard setting studies.

Performance Assessments

AERE provides consulting services in the development of performance assessments including but not limited to identifying and developing the test content (e.g., low to high fidelity animated scenarios, simulated computing and internet conditions, standardized performers and live simulations, on-the-job performance observations), developing rubrics (e.g., analytic, holistic), training and calibration of raters, scoring and feedback, and interrater reliability.

Accreditation Consultation

AERE provides accreditation consulting services for organizations seeking or maintaining certification and certificate programs under the ANSI (17024/ASTM E2659) or NCCA standards.

Employment Selection Assessments

AERE develops employment selection assessments to meet the Uniform Guidelines.


AERE continues to work with neuropsychologists and individuals who are interested in the relationship between the brain and competency. We provide organizations with the ability to explore the next generation in assessing individuals’ competency using various neuroassessments.