Andre DeChamplain, PhD


André De Champlain, PhD is Director of the Psychometrics and Assessment Services department at the Medical Council of Canada. He is involved in a number of new initiatives at Council, including the review of current scoring and standard setting methodologies for MCC examinations, as well as several research studies aimed at better informing and supporting policy and current development as they relate to psychometric, test development and other operational issues. The latter include work on automated item generation (AIG) as well as well as automated marking using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Dr De Champlain previously held the position of Director for Innovations in Testing at the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, where he was chiefly responsible for overseeing developmental and psychometric research efforts aimed at supporting the inclusion of innovative item types and maintenance of licensure tools in COMLEX-USA, the licensing examination program for Osteopathic physicians in the United States. Prior to this position, he spent nearly 15 years at the National Board of Medical Examiners, where he acted as research psychometrician for several USMLE examinations, as well as international testing programs

Dr De Champlain has published extensively over the past two decades on a broad range of topics, most of which relate to novel applications of psychometric models in medical education. His most recent publications have focused on the use of exam engineering processes, such as AIG, to support the implementation of systemic (programmatic) frameworks of assessment with high-stakes medical licensure programs. He has been the recipient of several research awards, including best paper honours bestowed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (1998) and the American Educational Research Association (2001).

– Andre DeChamplain, PhD – Distinguished Psychometrics, Assessment and Research Officer